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Logipharma Europe 2010, 27./ 29.04.2010, Geneva (CH)

Wann 27.04.2010 to
Wo Intercontinental Hotel, Geneva
Name Frances Parker, WBR Worldwide Business Research
Contact Email
Kontakttelefon +44-207-368-9465
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Pharmaceutical supply chain and logistics conference, tracting over 200 senior supply chain and logistics professionals from pharmaceutical wholesalers and manufacturers.

Key Topics

  • Improving supply chain security and visibility to minimize risk of counterfeits
  • Forecasting and demand planning in a volatile environment by working closely with sales and marketing
  • Integrating supply chains to align the organization with a changing product portfolio
  • Utilizing cost-effective outsourcing to reduce liability and improve supply chain flexibility
  • Cutting waste using lean tools
  • Improving customer service along the supply chain while reducing working capital
  • Adopting Best Practices From The FMCG Industry To Optimize Inventories And Improve Profitability
  • Identifying When Direct Distribution Models Are Appropriate To Minimize Risk


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